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Keep the Dawah Going

In order to keep the da’wah going, Kalemah finds ways to convey the message of Islam through different mediums. You can also contribute in spreading Islam to all groups of people all over the world, especially within the U.A.E. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Sign up as a Kalemah Volunteer. Offer your skills, talents, and services for the sake of Allah. With every upcoming event, you can have the opportunity to be part of it and earn the rewards of continuous charity.

2. Attend our seminars, weekly classes, forums, and special events to increase your knowledge and share it with others.

3. Tell your family, friends, and colleagues about Kalemah. Refer them to our center, website, and email any updates that they may benefit from.

4. Send in your feedback/suggestions to help us improve and be able to present Islam in the best way possible.