Summer Camp


Arabic Language Program

2nd July - 8th Aug
Age: 10 - 17yrs (Boys)
Saturday - Thursday
1pm - 4pm
Aed 1200/- only

Special discount for 'Quran intensive summer camp' students​

Dear parent,

Here’s a question for you:

How many years of Arabic has your son taken at school?

Another question:

How good is their spoken Arabic?

One final question:

Would you like that to change?

You see, the problem with the Arabic they teach at school is this:

It’s taught and learned with the intention of passing an exam.

It is NOT taught or learned for real, practical use.


But that’s about to change.

If you want your son or daughter to finally make progress in their Arabic studies…

…and have basic conversational skills…

…so that they can confidently handle common, everyday interactions in Arabic…

We can help.

Kalemah Islamic Center is pleased to announce the summer intensive Arabic language program for boys:

In this 5-week program, your child will discover:

  • The principles of conversational Arabic.
  • How to interact with people at home and at school in Arabic.
  • The meanings and usage of the most common 100 Arabic words, 30 expressions, and 20 verbs
  • How to master effortless reading and writing in Arabic
  • And much more!

This program is perfect for your son if:

  • They have shown interest in learning Arabic
  • They are able to read and write Arabic at a basic level
  • They are 10-17 years old

The program will feature:

  • 100 hours of group and individual instruction
  • Dedicated, professional Arabic teachers
  • Course materials
  • Course completion certificates

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