Project Ramadan

Starting on 15th Sept 2020

Duration : 4 Weeks

Timings & Days

3:30pm - 4:30pm UAE timings
(Sat, Tues & Thurs)

20 Seats only

Age: 6 - 7 years boys
6 - 9 years for girls

AED 250 / Month
Online Course

Project Idea:

The “Project Ramadan”; for Kalemah Islamic Center aims to strengthen the relationship between the youth and the Quran by offering a comprehensive range of programs suitable for all ages. This includes educational programs targeting the understanding of fasting rules and related fiqh issues, including conditions, pillars, and obligations, while highlighting the connection between fasting and God-consciousness. Additionally, the project includes practical motivational programs during Ramadan, such as the Ramadan Quran Challenge and providing customized daily Ramadan schedules for students, along with monitoring Ramadan activities appropriate for the relevant circle of lessons and lectures.

Project Objectives:

  • Establish a strong relationship between youth and the Quran during Ramadan.
  • Enhance the role of families in supporting their children in religious activities.
  • Highlight the importance of the mosque and the Quran in every Muslim’s life.

Educational Outputs of the Ramadan Project:

  • Strengthening the relationship between youth and the Quran.
  • Supporting families in guiding their children and correcting behavior.
  • Enhancing awareness of the importance of the mosque and the Quran in a Muslim’s life.
  • Commitment to the Sunnah and daily obligations that contribute to building a Muslim’s character.
  • Encouraging active participation in Ramadan activities within the community.

About the instructors

Sister Fatima Diaby is a student of knowledge in Islamic Studies based in the U.A.E. She is a graduate from the Academy of Creteil in France majoring in Literature and language as specialty and has many years of teaching experience. She took most of her Islamic education from her father who was, Professor in Islamic theology. She memorized the Holy Quran at Quran centres Otrojah and Riad Saliheen. She is currently enrolled at Knowledge International University – K.S.A and prepares a double major in Islamic Studies.