Limited Term Event

 Little learners

Starting on 15th Sept 2020

Duration : 4 Weeks

Timings & Days

3:30pm - 4:30pm UAE timings
(Sat, Tues & Thurs)

20 Seats only

Age: 6 - 7 years boys
6 - 9 years for girls

AED 250 / Month
Online Course

About The Program

Kalemah is pleased to announce “Little Learner”; a virtual 4 weeks program for young girls and boys. This program will help our young ones develop an attachment, love, and a correct understanding of their religion during these important formative years. It aims at creating a child friendly environment for them to learn about isalmic topics in a way that is easy to understand like learning about morals and values through stories of the prophets and righteous predecessors. An interactive learning environment will also be created through activities and quizzes, which will involve the parents and other classmates. 

Register now to give your child the opportunity to positively engage in an environment that will, In Shaa Allah, enrich their personal development and good nature.

The Course aims at achieving the following outcomes:

  • Learning about good morals and values as depicted by the prophets and the righteous predecessors
  • Encouraging a sense of brotherhood and togetherness through taking part in assignments and quizzes
  • Learning about great values that are pleasing to Allah like generosity, love of sharing, honesty and being good to their parents.
  • Learning about gratefulness towards the countless blessings of Allah

The course should cover the following topics:

  • Stories of the prophets from Ibn Kathir
  • Beneficial stories from hadiths in Bukahri, Muslim, and Riyad Assaliheen
  • Others topics relating to duas, manners, faith, and fiqh

About the instructors

Sister Fatima Diaby is a student of knowledge in Islamic Studies based in the U.A.E. She is a graduate from the Academy of Creteil in France majoring in Literature and language as specialty and has many years of teaching experience. She took most of her Islamic education from her father who was, Professor in Islamic theology. She memorized the Holy Quran at Quran centres Otrojah and Riad Saliheen. She is currently enrolled at Knowledge International University – K.S.A and prepares a double major in Islamic Studies.

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