Kalemah Exclusive Event in Urdu

Laws of Inheritance

By Dr. Abdul Hameed Zafarul Hasan

Part 1: 27-29 February 2020
Part 2: 19-21 March 2020
06:30 pm to 10:00 pm

AED 100 per student

Kalemah Center, Al Qusais 3, Dubai

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+21 only ,male & female

Refreshment: Complimentary (Tea & Snacks)
Course Book Included

About the program

Death is an unstoppable reality each of us has to face every day. It draws closer every minute and could be just around the corner. Nevertheless, there are a lot of rulings related to the passing away of a person, and among them is the division of the deceased’s property.

This is where the laws of inheritance come in. Laws which tackle on the most difficult topics of Islamic Fiqh. These laws have been forgotten and ignored in our recent times, yet we still owe it to ourselves to study and understand this part of the religion.

Kalemah is here to make study this complex part of Islam easy with our new course with the noble Sheikh AbdulHameed Zafar in which he will guide you through the details of the Islamic laws of inheritance. Join us for an exclusive 6 days course in which you will learn what an inheritance is, how is it divided, who is eligible for it, and much more. This is a limited-edition course available with a limited seats. Register now to gain a chance to study this forgotten Islamic science with an experienced sheikh to practice the laws of inheritance as Allah wanted them to be practiced.

About the speaker

Shaikh Zafar-ul-Hasan is a renowned scholar in U.A.E delivering discourses for over 25 years. Quite early in his career as a teacher, he was chosen by the Government of Saudi Arabia to teach and call people to Islam and was deputed to Dubai. He speaks at various international conferences and frequently travels on teaching tours. He has been bestowed the honour of being the official teacher for Hajj and the rulings surrounding it. He has had the privilege to learn from some of the major Shuyookh and ‘Ulama of our times.

Dr Abdul Hameed Zafar holds a PhD in Fiqh from the University of Sharjah. He is an Imam and Khateeb and lives with his wife and kids in Dubai. He regularly appears on Sharjah TV and imparts insightful talks for Kalemah’s Urdu division. His doctrinal research paved the way into him serving the Muslim community by educating them on the important components and correct concepts of worship in establishing blissful homes and society.

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Important Notes

  • Confirmation of seat requires online registration and payment on or before of 26th fep 2020.
  • Only limited seats are available and registration confirmation is solely on first come first.
  • To attend part 2 the student should pass the exam of part 1.
  • Transportation is not available.
  • Click on the next tab to find out more on how to pay and submit your proof of payment.
  • For more information please contact us on info@kalemah.org