A Kalemah Exclusive:

Islam & I Program

Islam and I program
Start date

3rd July 2023

Age Group

Boys aged 8-13


6 weeks

Class frequency

2 days a week


8-10 years: 10am - 12pm
11-13 years: 1pm - 3pm

Free to enrol

Accepted through Interview



Why Islam & I Program?

This program addresses the challenges posed by globalization and the influence of different religions, cultures & customs young people face today through social media and in person. We recognize that some young individuals may be susceptible to adopting unfamiliar beliefs and customs without understanding the impact on their religion, society, and country.

Islam & I program aims to tackle this issue by providing a comprehensive academic curriculum consisting of lessons, activities, and projects. Through these activities, we seek to empower students to confidently embrace and understand their faith, its rituals, values, and customs. We believe that by addressing this concern at all levels, we can contribute to a solution and create a positive educational environment.

Program Goals:

1- Strengthening the concept of Islamic identity among young individuals and encouraging them to embrace it.
2- Valuing and upholding Islamic principles and values.
3- Instilling a love for positive role models and rejecting negative ones.
4- Exploring reliable sources of knowledge and dispelling misconceptions.

The main educational outcomes of this program are:

1- Understanding the concept of “Islamic identity” and recognizing its importance.
2- Exploring historical events that highlight the central role of Islamic identity and the contributions of Muslims.
3- Linking the concept of “Islamic identity” and its manifestations to daily life and good citizenship.
4- Familiarizing Students with the concepts of blind conformity, and condemnable fanaticism, addressing doubts, and providing strategies to deal with them.
5- Recognizing the virtue of learning Islamic sciences and inviting to Allah with wisdom and good admonition.

Attendance Policy:

1- Attendance is mandatory.
2- If a student’s absence reaches 10% of the total program hours, they will receive a first warning. If the absence reaches 20%, they will receive a second warning. If the student’s absence reaches 30%, they will be excluded from the program unless they provide an approved excuse by the administration.

Please note:

– Acceptance to the program will be based solely on the outcome of the interview.

– Limited Seats, Priority on first come first serve basis.


Ustadh Abdul Rehman, is graduate from university of Karachi with a M.Phil. majoring in “Quran and Sunnah”. He is an enthusiastic and dedicated teacher with more than ten (10) years of experience developing lesson plans and teaching. He also studied and got Ijaza of Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim hadith books.

We are confident that his background and passion for teaching would enable him to make a significant and positive impact on the students.

The program is designed for young boys aged 8 to 13 years old.

The program spans over a period of approximately 6 weeks

The program is conducted at Kalemah Islamic Center Dubai, Mirdif.

Yes, The Program Offers Accompanying Sports Activities Such as Swimming and Horse Riding. In collaboration with All stars Swimming Academy & D7 Stables.

No, it is optional, you may not participate in any sporting activity.

Participation in swimming or horse-riding programs will be directly with the company, and the contact information for the All stars Swimming Academy or D7 Stables will be sent to the accepted student.

Attendance is mandatory for all participants. If the student’s absence reaches 30%, they may be excluded from the program.

There will be a closing ceremony for the project where certificates will be distributed and students will be honored. During this ceremony, the students’ achievements and successful completion of the program will be celebrated, and their efforts and contributions will be recognized.

There will be an interview before admission, we will send the interview details once the registration is done.

Transportation is not available.

After each lesson, there will be a brief test, and at the end of each unit, projects will be assigned. The teacher will explain the remaining details in the classroom.

yes, it for boys only.

Yes, there is a parking area opposite Kalemah center.

Yes, they should bring their own snacks.

Through a series of lessons and projects, the program addresses its topic while incorporating a variety of indoor and outdoor activities.

We will be using ClassDojo platform to track your child’s progress and updates about the course.