Limited Term Event

Back on Track - 2019 Season 1 [Registrations Closed]

By Ustadh Muhammad Tim Humble

What worries you as a parent, worries us. In this 14-week program, we engage with teenage boys in heart-to-heart conversations and fun activities to understand the “why” factor behind their challenges

Giving our teens the Islamic guidance and tools to address the key issues that are close to their hearts and minds, Back on Track is designed for teenage boys, with the ultimate aim of helping them realize their purpose and restore their connection with Allah  سبحانه و تعالى .

Every Saturday

For 14 weeks starting from 26th Jan 2019

From 12:00 pm to 2:30 pm noon
AED 800 for the entire 14 weeks

(to be paid in advance)

40 Seats Only

Priority solely on first come first serve basis

Capital School, Al Nahda, Dubai

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11-14 year-old boys

Why this programme?

  • Lack of interest amongst young people towards religious obligations and personal accountability
  • Opportunity to address and uncover common issues such as: Bad companions, ill desires, laziness, confusion, bad choices, video games, phones, social media, lewd music, lack of academic interest, peer pressure, being disrespectful, no desire for Islam, strong inclination towards atheism, immorality, lying, drugs, relationships with opposite gender, physical appearance, etc

Desired outcomes

By the end of the program, in shaa’ Allah, we aim that each participant will:

  • Be aware of at least one practical Islamic solution to each of the issues raised.
  • Have an awareness of the importance of a good companionship, and that it is possible to have fun in a way that does not compromise their practicing of Islam.
  • Develop a greater sense of Islamic identity and desire to identify among his peers as a practicing Muslim, and gain appreciation of Islam as the source of success in this world and the next.

New for 2019

  • A new venue, with dedicated sports facilities and more space to carry out activities.
  • A more relaxed atmosphere, with greater emphasis on discussion and engagement, rather than just lectures.
  • An opportunity for parents to raise specific concerns about their child with the instructor, helping us to tailor our discussions to the most relevant issues
  • Age restriction: 11-14 years old. There will be a dedicated programme for teens 15+ which is better suited to them

About the speaker

Ustadh Muhammad Tim Humble is a graduate from the faculty of Hadeeth Science – Islamic University of Madinah. He embraced Islam at the age of 14 years. He is a father of three young children and is notably home schooling his kids alongside his wife. He travels around the world lecturing and delivering courses on Islamic Sciences and is truly passionate to engage in with children from different ethnicity. One of his goals is to give sound and solid Islamic foundation to our young rising stars. Helping our children connect to their Creator in an engaging manner and instilling love for the religion that Allah has chosen for us

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