Friday, 21st June 2019
Princess Haya Center

Al Mizhar, Dubai.

4:00pm - 10:00pm
Separate Seating for Men and Women
Language: English
Aed 100/-

A Muslim Productivity Discourse

It is a blessing from Allah. It is at the heart of our modern society. It is one of the most valuable resources in our society. Yet, how many of us know how to properly manage it and derive maximum benefit from it? Time influences our lives, impacts our actions, and shapes our decisions. Nevertheless, we lose control of this great resource and thus open upon ourselves the doors of loss and misfortune. But like any of our modern issues or problems, the solutions lie in wait for us in our Noble Quran and Sunnah and actions of our pious predecessors, and it is our duty to learn and implement these perfect solutions in our daily lives.

This seminar aims to in shaa Allah be a gateway for you to learn various time management techniques and organizational tips that are extracted from our religion. Based on the book by the Sheikh of Islam Ibn Taymiyyah “The Believer doesn’t take a Holiday” and beautifully explained by Ustadh Abdurrahman Hassan, this seminar encompasses many issues regarding time and its correct usage, including but not limited to 1) The importance of time. 2) Best ways to utilize time. 3) How the pious predecessors used to spend their time. 4)How to derive maximum benefit from your time

About the speaker

Ustadh AbdulRahman Hassan memorised Qur’an and Buloogh Al-Muraam by the age of 10. He has travelled to different countries to study with a number of prominent scholars. He is the founder of Al Madrasatu Al Umariyyah, an online program in the English language for seeking knowledge in the classical way. He has studied with prominent scholars such as: Shaykh Saalih Al-Fawzaan – Shaykh Muhammad Aadam Al-Ethiobee – Shaykh AbdulKareem Khudayr – Shaykh AbdulMuhsin Al-Abbaad – Saad Ibn Nasir Al Shithree – Shaykh Abdullah Al-Ubaylaan.

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