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 Arabic Language Program For All

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3 days per week, 2hrs per day

Beginners - Intermediary - Advanced

Each course is divided into 3 sub-levels.

Timings and days for Sisters:

3 Days per week. 2 hours per day

Duration: 2 months (40hrs)

For each sub level

AED 600 for a sub-level

(Inclusive of course content)

12 Seats per batch

Age: 18yrs and above

Online Class

About The Program

The Arabic language is the language of the Noble Qur’an, the language of the hadeeth and the language of Islam. One can truly reach the depths of knowledge and comprehension of Islam with sound understanding of this beautiful language, in sha’ Allah
At Kalemah, we understand the significance of Arabic language. Our Arabic language programs are specially designed to cater to the needs of students who are keen to advance in their understanding of Islam or are aspiring to scale-up in their academic and/or professional world.

What is unique about this Program?

Our teaching approach (sub-levels) facilitates learning and speaking the Arabic language the natural way, which makes the learning process easier and gives Arabic the due credit it deserves.

Our structured classes are comprehensive. We follow a communicative, task-based methodology and integrate 6 major skills in all our levels: Conversation, Reading, Writing, Listening, Grammar & Vocabulary. Upon completion of the program, students will be able to frame sentences with correct grammar as well as communicate in the Arabic language, in sha’ Allah

Course desired outcomes

In sha’ Allah, by the end of each sub-level:

Sub-level 1: Learn Arabic alphabets with language principles of writing & reading
Sub-level 2: Complete the correct reading & writing with grammar rules for beginners
Sub-level 3: Attain proficiency in reading & writing with the formation of the nominal & verbal sentence and conjugation

Sub-level 1: Analyze reading & extracting rules with principles of conversation, listening  & completing grammatical rules
Sub-level 2: Training on correct conversation & listening while completing grammatical rules
Sub-level 3: Teaching & training in conversation & listening skills

About the instructors

Teacher Fatima Bechmoum is an Algerian national and works full time in Kalemah as an Arabic Instructor. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Arabic literature. She was working as a Arabic teacher for over 5 years.

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